Beyond Our Little Minds

Practicing as Deity/Buddha

Practicing deity gets us out of our narrow little minds and forever changes us. Viewing ourselves as a fully enlightened being from the start of our day to the very finish helps us skip steps on the path of awakening. It’s called “taking the result as the path.” We envision ourselves, […]

How Buddhist Practitioners Use Words

Part 2: Honesty

Dharma Speech Part 2

Another way you can tell if others are putting the Buddha’s teachings into practice is by how honest the person is. Honesty is one of the most basic values all practicing Buddhists hold. For aspiring Bodhisattvas the emphasis is on one’s motivation, taking into account that […]

How Buddhist Practitioners Use Words

Part One: Harsh Speech

How can you tell a Dharma practitioner—someone who puts the Buddha’s teachings into use—from someone who studies Buddhism intellectually?

It’s often as simple as listening to them speak.

One of the first teachings we receive as Buddhists is how to avoid non-virtue—to shun negative thoughts and […]