Buddha of Lightning Peak

The Buddha of Lightning Peak Book by Yudron Wangmo

Sometimes it seems like no one has seventeen-year-old Dee Adair’s back. She’s got enough stress dealing with her little bro being locked up, a heartless homophobic grandmother, and an ex-girlfriend who gives her trouble every time they cross paths.

Now, sacred Lighting Peak—her only place of peace—is scheduled for destruction. Bulldozers and dynamite are poised to excavate the mine, massacring the animals who live there in the process. Matrika Shergill, the mine’s hot no-nonsense owner, couldn’t care less about the furry little darlings.

Dee must find the inner strength from her meditation practice to weather violence and betrayal—and harness the power of friendship—if she is to save Lightning Peak. Discouraged by apathetic adults, pursued by murderous goons, inspired by a sage, and yearning for love, she presses onward.

The Buddha of Lightning Peak forges the transformational journey of an imperfect African-American lesbian teen lit up by the heroic promise to help all living things no matter what.







Behind the Scenes for The Buddha of Lightning Peak

I don’t do superficial. It’s just not in my bag of tricks to write a book without depth. Come with me as the journey continues around the circle of the mandala of the Fierce Black Mother (Throma Ngakmo in Tibetan), the main practice of the spiritual teacher of all four of the teen protagonists in the Cycle of the Sky collection.

In the second book in the Cycle of the Sky collection we move around clockwise to the northern direction of the mandala and the theme of competitiveness being transformed into wisdom is explored, as well as forceful energy of subduing negative forces is explored.

In Buddhism, we don’t really have enemies. Our experience other people and events is shaped so heavily by the ingrained preconceived notions we have carried through many lifetimes that everything can be viewed as a projection of our own minds. So, Dee’s encounter with her enemy Matrika is complicated. Her name itself has very interesting associations in the ancient Indian religion as well as in tantric Buddhism. In this book, our heroine is as entranced by her enemy as she is horrified.


Alameda, California heading north to Richmond and Plum City, Cutter County, Cutter Range, Lightning Peak (modeled after Yuba City, Sutter County, Sutter Buttes and the South Peak of Sutter Buttes). Some scenes at Juvenile Detention in San Leandro.

  • Canoe at Jade Camp


  • Neurosis
    • Jealousy, envy, competitiveness
  • Wisdom
    • All-accomplishing activity
  • Enlightened activity
    • Subjugating
  • Direction
    • North
  • Color
    • Green, Black
  • Metal
    • Iron
  • Season
    • Autumn
  • Implement
    • Bell
  • Characters who embody the theme:
    • Dee Adair (acitivity), Leslie (embodiment) Pauline (protector)