Cycle of the Sky

The Cycle of the Sky Series

Circumpolar_AZ81Excavating Pema Ozer is part of a four book series Yudron hopes to finish about a circle of four young women around Granma Sandy (Lama Sangyey.) Symbolically, each of them represents one of the four activities that enlightened beings do to benefit the teachings and all living beings; Shanti represents pacifying activity, Risa’s daughter represents enriching activity, Weslyn represents magnetizing activity, and Dee (Denise) represents subjugating activity. The great Awakened Ones—the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas—mainly do pacifying things, pacifying conflict, fears, obstacles, sickness and famine, symbolized my the color white and the eastern direction. The old word “quelling” might be a better translation of the term, but everyone says ‘pacifying.’ Enriching refers to increasing merit and lifespans of beings, symbolized by the color yellow and the southern direction. Magnetizing means bringing under one’s control, symbolized by the color red and the western direction. On relatively rare occasions the Awakened Ones engage in subjugating activity to subdue negative forces, symbolized by the colors green or black and the northern direction. In the Cycle of the Sky, Lama Sangyey holds down the center of the sacred circle in her home in Alameda, California. Dee will enact the subjugating principle in the fall in the north, Shanti will enact the pacifying principle in the winter in the east, Risa’s daughter will enact the enriching principle in the spring in the south. Weslyn has already had her adventure in which her magnetic qualities ended up pacifying a major obstacle on the Peninsula west of Alameda.

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The Cycle of the Sky Series

Excavating Pema Ozer - 3DExcavating Pema Ozer
Weslyn Redinger wants one thing: to be normal again. Racked by panic attacks that have ruined her life and driven off her friends in the months since she saw the body of a young boy she loved rolled out to a waiting ambulance, she is now drawn in to a circle of seekers who surround a mysterious stranger living in her grandmother’s backyard shed.






The Buddha of Lightning Peak Book by Yudron WangmoThe Buddha of Lightning Peak
The Buddha of Lightning Peak forges the transformational journey of an imperfect African-American lesbian teen lit up by the heroic promise to help all living things no matter what.